Case Study: Improve Speed to Market

Case Study: Improve Speed to Market

Improve Speed to Market with Co-Design and GoWall


You and your team need to design and develop the next generation product. It’s complex, it needs to happen fast, and you have a limited time for R&D. The solution? Use the Co-Design methodology combined with GoWall. Co-Design is an R&D process that professional designers use to empower, encourage, and guide teams (including marketing, operations, production and finance) to collaboratively develop a product or service. This methodology reduces time to market and helps to ensure that the end user gets exactly what they wanted. In short, each expert becomes central to the design process.


Enter GoWall

When you run a Co-Design meeting using GoWall, you engage participants and give them a way to share insights and test new ideas. You start from the point of view of the participants, and this encourages their full immersion in the meeting and the project. Participation surges. And product development becomes a collaborative process, rather than a linear one.


Participants provide their perspectives using GoWall’s unique Notes on a Wall technology. The facilitator then groups the notes into categories, which can be discussed in more detail, prioritized and put into action. Because GoWall is interactive, everyone can participate simultaneously—generating more valuable insights. And the notes can be exported to a spreadsheet instantly and sent to participants for action and follow-up, eliminating the need to type up meeting notes.


The Results

  • Generation of better ideas with a high degree of originality and value
  • Improved knowledge of customer needs
  • Immediate validation of ideas and concepts
  • Higher quality, better differentiated products
  • More efficient decision making
  • Lower development costs and reduced development time
  • Better cooperation between different people across disciplines


In the long term, you benefit from higher degrees of satisfaction from employees and customers, resulting in better relationships and more enthusiasm for innovation and change.


Results (by the numbers):