Can Inclusion Help You Grow Revenue?

Can Inclusion Help You Grow Revenue?

Diverse Thinking Can Produce Revenue-Generating Ideas


As the global economy pushes us toward ever-increasing diversity in the workforce, the practice of inclusion has become a business strategy. Seeking out, listening to and responding to all members of a team is more important than ever, especially as the diversity of our markets also broaden, and can have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line.


How can inclusion translate to revenue for your company?


Here’s a simple example:


One of our clients, a member-supported research organization, started using GoWall during meetings where member volunteers were present. Everyone, whether full time employees or volunteers, were encouraged to respond to topics during the meeting. After a few sessions, company leaders discovered two very unexpected results: First, supporting members felt heard and appreciated, which sowed good feelings for the organization and its mission and improved renewals. Second, supporting members suggested hundreds of ideas for conferences and papers. Company leaders had struck gold! Crowdsourcing made it easier and faster to observe the trends that were emerging from the collective. And the data from these meetings could be used to create strategies and plans for marketing, membership and thought leadership.


The result? An increase in conference attendance, membership and revenues. And, supporting members were contributing to the conversation and influencing the future of the organization with their ideas, not just their time.