Collaborative Planning and Learn Construction Planning (Pull) using GoWall

Stop doing it twice!

The trades have already provided you with the data. Does it make sense to turn around and pay someone else to re-type the exact same information, so the data is available to the team?

Empower individual trades to communicate their work

Eliminate the need for a scribe, empower crew members to input their own notes, enhance time efficiency and precision, and enjoy the ability to immediately scan notes into any scheduling software.

Add and print tasks

Anyone can add tasks and print them from any device. The printed sticky notes are placed on the Planning Wall.

Plan Collaboratively

The team places and arranges their tasks on the planning wall, in an interactive and engaging work session.

Scan directly into your scheduling software

The plan is scanned directly into any scheduling software such as Microsoft Project or Primavera. All progress, delays, and changes are captured automatically.

Measure performance over time

Instantly review manpower requirements and schedule performance, along with reliability rates and failure reasons.

Colored Sticky Notes Represent Each Trade

Distinctly colored sticky notes for each trade enhance visual organization and streamline task identification, making collaborative workflows more intuitive and efficient.

Library capability

Organizing tasks by trade with a selectable list boosts efficiency and usability—crew members quickly choose and enter tasks with a single click, coupled with immediate visibility on what’s been assigned.

Duration Determines Number of Notes Printed

For tasks spanning multiple days, GoWall automatically generates the corresponding number of sticky notes for each day, with the barcode printed only on the first note to simplify scanning.

Batch color printing to 3” x 3” sticky notes

You can print unique colors for each trade onto 3” x 3” sticky notes; however, it requires printing six notes at a time. Any color printer can be used, with each color coded for a specific trade.

Planning walls

Use your current planning wall or ours. Custom designed Gatorboard physical planning wall boards combine the durability and lightweight design ideal for quick setup during standup meetings, and they’re customizable with your logo or design elements for a personal touch.