GoWall Launches New Site

GoWall Launches New Site

GoWall’s new website designed with your experience in mind

GoWall launched its completely revamped website today, giving the world a graphical, behind-the-scenes view into the unique features and solutions that get people talking during meetings.


GoWall’s new site takes visitors on a visual tour of the app’s WallShareTM technology that borrows from the familiar concept of “notes on a wall.” Every participant has an equal opportunity to share, discuss and contribute ideas. Input from participants is posted simultaneously and can be grouped, discussed, printed, scanned, and exported. Introverts, and those less likely to speak up, are given a voice. Meetings are inclusive, preventing one or two people from dominating the conversation. Those participating remotely finally have a way to stay involved and contribute. The app is easy to use and takes participants just seconds to learn.


In beta trials with several Fortune 100 and non-profit organizations, GoWall consistently generated 100% engagement, reduced session times by up to 50% and improved participant morale and perception of meeting value by an astounding 80%. Customers use GoWall for all meeting types including offsite sessions, workshops, Town Halls and Agile retrospectives.


With US-based organizations investing over $90 billion per year in meetings, estimates put the cost of wasted time, poor planning and lack of participation at $23 billion. GoWall provides an affordable, high-value solution delivering more value per meeting minute.


Check out our new website at www.gowall.com and be sure to contact support@gowall.com to request a demo or to pilot GoWall in your next meeting.


Site strategy, branding and creative direction was provided by Chris Ardito, with web and graphic design by ZielCreative.