Introducing the 5-Minute Meeting

Introducing the 5-Minute Meeting

How can you hear from everyone in a 5-minute meeting?


Have you heard of the 5-minute meeting? Company leaders in this Wall Street Journal story share their strategies for paring down meetings to mere minutes with outstanding, time-saving results. We are big fans of efficient meetings, but we recognize that there are introverts, non-native speakers, and others who may need more time to think before they share their ideas. Then there are the extroverts, the brainstormers, and the people who think out loud. What happens when you put them together in a 5-minute huddle?


There are mountains of research and surveys that show most employees want to be heard in organizations. The opportunity to express their ideas has a direct impact on job satisfaction. We all have our own unique way of thinking, organizing ideas, and communicating—and not all of us think or speak at lightning speed.


Is there a way to embrace individual communication styles and allow employees to be heard, while keeping meetings short so everyone can get back to work?


We have an idea.


Add GoWall to your 5-minute meeting


Meeting leaders who use the 5-minute meeting format say it forces people to keep their comments hyper focused. Who could argue with that? Here are 5 steps for using GoWall to get the most out of your 5-minute meeting:




Step 1. Before the meeting begins, the meeting leader enters the topic or topics they want to cover into GoWall. 
(45 seconds)




Step 2. The meeting leader invites attendees to join using GoWall’s ‘Quick Link’. Attendees click the link and are ready to participate immediately. 
(15 seconds)




Step 3. Attendees contribute their comments and ideas simultaneously. Everyone’s input is automatically captured in the form of a note. 
(90 seconds)




Step 4. Notes can be organized by person, topic and other criteria for easy and simultaneous review by everyone in the meeting.

(90 seconds)




Step 5. At the end of the meeting, a topic or topics can be selected for the next session. The meeting leader has the option to leave the wall open so attendees can contribute additional ideas or comments. (60 seconds)


Did we mention? All those ideas you just captured can be instantly exported! (Instantly)


Get the most out of your next meeting. Try GoWall Free.