Top CEO’s Business Productivity Tip

Top CEO’s Business Productivity Tip

Business productivity

JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, Doesn’t Mince Words


Especially when it comes to his feelings about meetings and their impact on business productivity.


In an article from TheStreet*, Mr Dimon is quoted as saying that “internal meetings can be a giant waste of time and money.” Taken at face value, few would disagree.


Digging deeper, Dimon sheds light on his claim by citing key ways to avoid meeting pitfalls – number one is to determine whether a meeting is necessary in the first place. He goes on to suggest that “the organizer needs to have a well-planned, focused agenda with pre-read materials sent in advance. The right people have to be in the room, and follow-up actions must be well-documented. Just as important, each meeting should only run for as long as it needs to and lead to real decisions.”


We couldn’t agree more. In fact most business leaders and meeting organizers would probably agree that these are foundational principles of meeting productivity. Yet numerous studies show that companies waste literally billions of dollars a year on unproductive meeting time.


The reasons are many, including poor planning, lack of participant engagement, and poor meeting documentation and follow up. Further complicating the issue is the increasingly remote nature of meetings. Numerous technologies have evolved around more effectively connecting people across time and space. Yet many fall short of being able to support truly effective meeting management.


GoWall’s meeting productivity software [] fills this gap in meeting effectiveness. We’ve incorporated tools that help meeting leaders run better meetings and turn attendees into active, productive participants. We do this by providing just enough structure to keep meetings focused and by integrating powerful features, like our digital note wall, to keep participants engaged and ideas flowing.


Everyone, whether remote or in person, introvert or extrovert, has an equal voice. And every note, idea, and comment is documented seamlessly and organized for instant analysis and action. GoWall meetings are often shorter and always more productive.


To all the meeting naysayers we say: give GoWall a try for 30 days.


*Source: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s Annual Letter Has 1 Great Workplace Productivity Tip, by Brian Sozzi, Executive Director, TheStreet.