Forget the coffee to keep people awake at meetings.  Just follow these top tips!

Forget the coffee to keep people awake at meetings.  Just follow these top tips!

Ensuring meeting attendees are heard in a timely manner can literally determine the success of a meeting. Because, at their core, most meetings are a dialogue between participants.

Unfortunately, meeting leaders frequently face roadblocks in their quest to create conversations that produce valuable ideas: the extroverts who dominate conversations, the introverts who remain silent, and the endless time constraints.

Effectively capturing all points of view in a time-effective manner can be daunting, which is why we created GoWall.

GoWall is a simple and easy way to improve meeting management skills, enables everyone to be heard, and focus conversations in a way that eliminates the usual meeting hurdles.

Here are three tips you can use right away to get the more out of your meetings:

  • Ask the right questions to achieve your desired outcome. For example, let’s say you want to launch a new product. You way want to ask each department what steps are needed to ensure a successful launch by a specific date.
  • Use time limits to focus the conversation. Invite input and limit answers to 3 minutes or less per person. (By the way, using GoWall you can collect input from everyone in your meeting in the same 3 minutes, saving valuable time).
  • Encourage engagement by valuing each contribution. Everyone has an opinion based on their skills, knowledge and experience. If feedback doesn’t seem relevant, ask a few probing questions to learn how it will affect the outcome. If it does, record it. If it doesn’t, thank them and move on.

Well run and focused meeting conversations build supportive relationships and shared vision. And most importantly, effective meetings leverage the power and diversity of your team to achieve superior quality outcomes.

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